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Premium Miners is totally different from its competitors trying to achieve something special starting with the website design, trading platform, and extremely functional. Since first beginning a few years ago, Premium Miners has created a name for itself between traders. The broker is magnificent for traders because of its solid mining /trading platform and a diversity of assets to invest/trade.



In the process of using this Service in Premium miners Investment Limited, you promise to obey the following regulations: all your behaviors in the process of using this Service should comply with the normative documents such as the national laws, regulations and others, and the regulations and requirements of our rules, do not violate the public interest or public morals, do not harm the legitimate rights and interests of others, do not evade tax payable, do not violate these provisions and related rules . If you violate the foregoing commitments and have any legal consequences, you shall bear all legal liabilities by yourself and ensure that we are free from any losses. Commercial use of any data on Premium miners Investment Limited is not permitted, including but not limited to the use of data displayed on Premium miners station without our prior written consent through any methods other than reproduction, dissemination, etc. Do not use any equipment, software or routines to intervene or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of Premium miners. You must not take any actions which would result in an unreasonably large data overload added to Premium miners network devices.


You have acknowledged and agreed, that we reserve the right of making a unilateral determination if you have violated the commitment above, to process or terminate providing services considering the results of unilateral determination, without your consent or informing you in advance. We have the right of publicizing your alleged violation or breach of contract and the measures we have taken against you in Premium miners if we have confirmed that you have violated the law or infringement by the legal instrument of the state administration or the judicial authority, or if we believe that your behavior is suspected of violating the provisions or suspected of violating the laws and regulations. We have the right of removing the information that is suspected of violating the law or allegedly infringing on the legal rights of others or in violation of these terms or laws and regulations without informing and will punish in accordance with the relevant regulations. We have the right to unilaterally determine whether your behavior, including the actions you have committed in Premium miners, or those that you have not implemented in Premium miners but have affected Premium miners and its users, has constituted a breach of this Term, and make the related punishment accordingly. You should keep all the evidence related to your behavior and you should undertake the negative consequences of not being able to provide the sufficient evidence. About any of your behavior of suspecting the breach of promise has caused damage to any third party, you should be responsible for all legal liabilities by yourself and ensure us to be protected against losses or increase in costs. If you are suspected of violating the relevant laws or the provisions of these Terms, causing us to suffer any losses, or being subject to any third-party claims, or being penalized by any administrative department, you shall compensate us for the losses and/or expenses incurred, including reasonable attorney fees.